Self Captured



Self Captured at Tattapani ,Shimla,Himachal Pradesh,India.

Himachal Pradesh has a chain of hot water springs which surprisingly lie along the banks of some of the coldest rivers in the state. The highway winds its way to these hot suphur springs. On the right banks of the river Sutlej are the hot water sulphur springs at an altitude of 656 meteres [2,150 ft]. On a motorable road, Tattapani is 51 Km  from Shimla,which is capital of Himachal Pradesh. Like Manikaran and Vashisht, these natural sulphur springs have curative powers..Tattapani is a relaxed little village, offering a variety of attractions for those in search of rest, recreation and soft adventure.

A series of small hot sulphur springs pop up along the right bank of the river Sutlej over an area of one square kilometre. If you’re suffering from joint pains, fatigue or any skin disease, this is just the place for you. A dip in these steaming springs will provide the much-needed relief. For the perfectly fit and fine too, bathing here can be great fun. Some of these springs gush into natural bathtubs thanks to the unique rock formation. The hot water ponds though, are different from springs. They simply vanish when the level of the river rises in June-July and reappear in November-December.


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